TalkTalk debuts broadband speed measurement tool

The UK's TalkTalk is giving users a new way to see if they are actually getting the speed they are paying for with their new Broadband Internet Speed Checker service. With this service, customers will be able to get a view of the speed they are getting not only at their PC or laptop, but also on their router and even at the telco's CO.

TalkTalk said users can use the service as a diagnostic tool that tracks all elements of a broadband connection from the home and the CO. Upon completion of a broadband test, customers will be given pointers on how they can increase their speeds.

Dido Harding, CEO, said their "Speed Checker is unique because it allows customers to see the speed delivered from their exchange, the speed arriving at their home and the speed they're actually seeing on their PC or device, adding that "customers can optimize their service to get the fastest speeds their line will allow."

Perhaps the one drawback with the service as pointed out in an ISPreview report is that unlike independent broadband measurement tools like Ookla, TalkTalk's service will call a 4.1 Mbps connection "fantastic" even though that speed is below UK telecom regulator Ofcom's national 6.1 Mbps average.  

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