Tata Communications, Tyco wrap up TGN-IA cable system

Tata Communications and Tyco Telecommunications have finished the construction, testing and commissioning of the TGN-Intra Asia (TGN-IA) Cable System. With a test program now complete, a process that that verified compliance with necessary transmission requirements, Tyco and Tata have established regional and global connectivity in Southeast Asia for the TGN. TGN, a 6700 km undersea cable system, will link Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Vietnam and the Philippines. The new system will provide necessary network diversity throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Providing route diversity ensures uptime on submarine cabling systems. Last week, a segment of the Asia-Pacific Cable Network2 (APCN2) undersea optical cable that provides connections between China and Taiwan, was damaged. However, Tata said TGN-IA's diversity enabled the system to remain operational.

"Very recently almost all of the region's key cable systems experienced simultaneous cuts, severely impacting network traffic across Asia. Most were damaged somewhere between Hong Kong and Taiwan," said Simon Cooper, Vice President Network Strategy, Architecture & Optimization, Tata Communications in a press release. "TGN-IA was fortunately not disturbed as a result of Tata Communications' specific decision to route the cable system as diversely as possible, so helping to improve regional business stability and ensuring our customers remain well served."

TGN is one of many new submarine cabling systems being built this year. Despite a weakened global economy, Telegeography reported up to 16 new cables will be activated in 2009.

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