TDS adds mobile device support option to remote PC support service

TDS has added a mobile device support option to its Remote PC Support service, a move that reflects its customers' use of mobile devices to interact with their service provider.

Given the rise of mobile device use, TDS' timing could not be better.

According to company estimates, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smart phone and almost half own a tablet, meaning there are about 371 million mobile devices in people's hands and pockets.

As a subscription service, TDS' Remote PC Support provides unlimited technical assistance to customers. TDS technical experts provide the support needed to repair, protect, and optimize customer computers for the best performance. Users can get help over the phone, using live Web chat, and via live streaming.

Customers who want the service can download a free app to most mobile devices and use the camera to show TDS Remote PC Advisors the trouble, rather than explaining what they are seeing.

Remote PC Support customers can get access to the mobile support and live-stream help features for no additional cost.

Customers who sign up for Remote PC Support can also get access to a number of other computer-related services, including PC Safety, PC Optimization, Device Setup, and Internet troubleshooting.

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