TDS completes part of Maine broadband stimulus project, extends service to 450 customers

TDS Telecom (NYSE: TDS) is now offering broadband services to more of its customers in between Corinna and Stetson, Maine, thanks to the partial completion of another broadband stimulus project in the state.

When construction on this project is completed this spring, nearly 450 residents will be able to get a broadband connection, TDS said.

TDS' West Penobscot Telephone and Telegraph Company is installing about 15 miles of fiber cabling and seven remote terminals (RT) that house necessary broadband equipment to deliver services to each customer.

Similar to other projects, the service provider said it will alert customers when service is available.

This is one of three broadband stimulus-funded projects that TDS Telecom is building out in Maine.

TDS in February completed part of a stimulus-funded broadband Internet project in Hartland and St. Albans, Maine, that will provide nearly 600 residents with a broadband connection. Progress in St. Albans follows a similar project it partially completed south of Kingfield, Maine.

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