TDS progresses with 4 broadband stimulus projects in Georgia, Wisconsin

TDS Telecom (NYSE: TDS) is moving forward with four broadband stimulus projects that will extend service to customers in parts of Georgia and Wisconsin.

Targeting the south of Fowlstown in Decatur County, Ga., and around Sycamore in Gadsden County, Fla., TDS' Quincy Telephone Company subsidiary is building network facilities to bring broadband service to about 400 households.

For this $1.8 million project, the telco installed 14 miles of fiber optic cabling and five new remote terminal (RT) cabinets in Quincy Telephone Company's exchange. Under the terms of the agreement with the Rural Utilities Service, the grant covered 75 percent of the cost and TDS invested the remaining 25 percent (about $450,000).

In Wisconsin, the telco is in various stages of completing projects in four areas, including Medford, South Wayne, Stetsonville, and Woodford.

With the project around South Wayne and Woodford, the telco's UTELCO subsidiary partially completed a project that will ultimately provide broadband services to about 850 area households. The service provider installed 40 miles of fiber optics and 14 new RT cabinets.

Set to be completed by the end of the year, the projects in Medford and Stetsonville will provide about 1,200 with broadband service. TDS installed about 84 miles of fiber cabling and 18 RT cabinets are being installed throughout its Midway Telephone Company telephone exchange to provide high-speed Internet access to more residents.

Earlier this month, it completed a project serving Beetown and Potosi, Wis., that will bring broadband to about 500 households.

Similar to its other buildouts in rural areas, TDS said it would inform residents when service is available.

During the past five months, TDS has completed nine ARRA projects in Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, and New York.

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- and the South Wayne, Woodford, Wis. release

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