TDS Telecom extends multisite VoIP service outside ILEC territories

TDS Telecom has taken another step in offering a nationwide VoIP service with the launch of its expanded multi-location offering.

This new service allows the telco to offer businesses with offices inside and outside of TDS' territory managedIP Hosted and trunking services.

What this means is that a company does not have to have an office in TDS' footprint.

One example of where this service would be applicable is a business that has three locations, with one of them being in TDS' territory and the other two outside.

Matt Loch, VP of sales for TDS Telecom said that while in the past they would have only been able to serve the office in its ILEC territory, now the "expanded multi-location will allow us to serve them all."

ManagedIP continues to be a hot seller over all for TDS Telecom. During the first quarter, the service provider added 3,000 managedIP connections.

While the multi-location VoIP debut is new, TDS Telecom began building the foundation to deliver this service in 2014 when it established a partnership with Bandwidth.

At that time, TDS said it was in the process of expanding the geographic reach of its VoIP product set and launching a national Remote Teleworker product, to satisfy multisite national enterprise customers.

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