Tektronix debuts IP test suite

Mobile data may be a booming business opportunity for service providers, but its also the hefty and still-growing bandwidth burden on IP networks. With that in mind, Tektronix has been rounding out its plans for comprehensive IP network test offerings--this week announcing a new product suite called Iris. The first offering in the Iris family is the GeoProbe G10, designed for the monitoring demands generated by the mobile data boom.

Other Iris products include a new high-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet probe; three new analyzer applications and a common management platform. Mark Driedger, vice president of network management for Tektronix, said the suite has a distributed architecture that allows it to support traffic monitoring needs in every part of the expanding IP network realm.

IPTV and other video services are beginning to increase bandwidth demand and heighten testing needs on their own, but the real factor, Driedger said, has been the success of data-focused mobile devices like the iPhone which have been major culprits in increasing network data traffic for some carriers as much as 10 times.

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