Telarus bows first multi-carrier fiber route mapping tool

Utah-based Telarus, Inc. says it's developed in-house software that shows its agents where fiber is physically located. Used with Google's map application, agents can see the path fiber takes and help locate the availability of Ethernet broadband services for clients.

The company last year launched a "lit building locator" that helped pinpoint Ethernet availability. Telarus got help in developing the add-on to GeoQuote from American Fiber Systems, as well as Level3. All American Fiber Systems and Level3's domestic fiber routes are visible, with fiber footprints of other vendors coming online soon.

"With the knowledge of the whereabouts of fiber lit building and the fiber routes themselves, we hope to enable our own agents to make more sales of enterprise grade services as well as to attract veteran agents and partners who see value in the research tools we provide," said Patrick Oborn, VP of Marketing for Telarus. "At the end of the day we want people to know that Telarus is a company that welcomes new partners with open arms, even if they have direct contracts with vendors. Whatever their circumstance, we'll figure out a way to work together."

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