Telco sector to pass $2 trillion revenue mark in 5 years

Revenues from fixed voice services may be sliding downhill like a kid on a waterslide, but the telecom market has plenty of upside, says a new report from research firm In-stat, which is predicting a 5.7 percent annual bump in consumer telecom network services over the next five years with global revenues topping $2 trillion by 2012.

Study author Keith Nissen says that although mobile service will make up 60 percent of the revenue pie, the strongest growth will be in broadband and pay TV.

Some other points to note:

  • The number of VoIP subscribers will more than double in the next four years.
  • 2008 is the year that revenue from Pay TV services surpasses revenues from fixed voice services.
  • By 2012 broadband revenue will be getting close to fixed voice service revenue.
  • While the Middle East and Africa region has the highest growth rate, the Asia-Pac region will be by far the largest market in 2012.

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