Telcordia invests in Fine Point, launches CEM suite

Operational support system vendor Telcordia Technologies (remember when it was Bellcore?) has announced new OSS software focused focused on the emerging realm of customer experience management, and it also announced its investment in Fine Point Technologies, the OEM partner that developed the CEM technology.

According to Light Reading, the Telcordia platform, Home Network Assurance, supports automated CEM functions such as auto-configuration server, monitoring of customer premises equipment, customer care tools and other offerings intended to help service providers take better care of customer home networks without having to commit to a truck roll.

CEM capabilities would seem to dovetail nicely with some of the things that carriers would like to do in home networks in terms of creating managed services around them. Just this week AT&T said it wanted to do just that as the standard further develops.

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- Light Reading has this story

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