Telecom awaits President Obama

We elect a president on promise, but how much of that promise can he fulfill, and how will he have to compromise lofty goals in the name of actually accomplishing change? Perhaps no one wants to think about that this morning, but we will have to think about it soon. And while President Obama may have other worthwhile priorities during his initial days in office, issues affecting the telecom market and broader high-tech industry will bubble to the surface soon enough.

Will Net neutrality policy now be a slam dunk with a Democrat leading the country and more Democrats in Congress or, in the wake of network management controversy and with the advent of overage charges and other new thinking, will hard-line Net neutrality ideas fade?

How soon will we get the national CTO that Obama promised us? How will this person get a multitide of companies and an entire industry to settle on and execute progressive broadband goals? Could telecom companies facing potentially higher taxes find it hard to make good on the broadband mission?

What about telecom immunity in the wake of the wiretapping scandal? Obama supported telecom immunity, but those against it have recently revived their fight.

President Obama soon will face all of these questions.

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