Telecom execs don't have a read on McCain, Obama

Not sure where JohnMcCain or Barack Obama stand on telecommunications issues? Join the club. A Pike & Fischer survey of communications execs found that slightly more than half were either unfamiliar or unhappy with the telecom policies of the two presidential candidates. Some 40 percent of execs said they didn’t know where the candidates stood on telecom issues. And, few felt either could develop sound policies on broadband availability. Among those surveyed who felt they had a handle on the policies of Obama and McCain, most feel McCain is better prepped. For the record: Obama is against continued media consolidation and McCain is a strong supporter of cable ala carte.

“The overall state of the economy, the war in Iraq, and gas prices have dominated the presidential race, while communications issues such as broadband availability and advanced communications for public safety have thus far not been major topics of debate,” said Scott Sleek, director of Pike & Fischer’s Broadband Advisory Services. “It appears that this has left many telecommunications industry leaders feeling pretty pessimistic about the fate of communications policy under the next administration.”

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