Telefónica Business Solutions France builds out WAN network for supply chain company

Telefónica Business Solutions France deploys a WAN network for 120 sites across France, Spain and Portugal for a global supply company. (Pixabay)

Telefónica Business Solutions France has deployed a WAN network for 120 sites across France, Spain and Portugal for a global supply company.

Telefónica Business Solutions France, a joint venture between Telefónica and Bouygues Telecom, was picked for the network build by GEFCO, which is an automotive supply chain company. 

Using Telefónica 4G routers, the project also included 4G-based backup solutions across France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, U.K., Poland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, and Italy.

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Telefónica 4G SIM cards were used to connect mobile terminals in GEFCO's logistic locations for better real-time traceability of goods. Additional benefits of the project included cost reduction and cost control, flexible bandwidth and the ability to optimize workloads.

"GEFCO is today in the process of transforming its information system," said Jean-Luc Galzi, executive vice president, information systems at GEFCO Group, in a statement. “A very large amount of data is exchanged between our countries of departure, arrival and transit of goods. Telefónica's WAN network will be the backbone of the GEFCO information system. Its robustness guarantees access to our business applications and the performance of our operations."

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