Telefónica offers offnet connectivity in more than 30 countries across Latin America, Europe

Telefonica International Wholesale Services is now offering offnet connectivity for carriers in more than 30 countries across Latin America and Europe. (Pixabay)

Telefónica has extended the reach of its resale internet access service to more than 30 countries across Latin America and Europe.

The carrier’s wholesale business unit, Telefonica International Wholesale Services (TIWS), is offering the service to other carriers that want to deliver their services outside of their traditional footprints.

Global carriers are now tasked with using offnet-based internet services to meet the growing demand for multiple end-user applications including cloud apps, HD video streaming, Salesforce and Office 365. At the same time, service providers are deploying SD-WAN and hybrid VPN services globally by using other carriers' networks.

To provision the services and applications, service providers of all stripes need connectivity that is flexible and economically attractive.

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TIWS also announced a new resale service model called "Broadband for Busienss" that doesn't require high-end service level agreements (SLAs) or guaranteed bandwidth. Telefónica is gradually rolling out the new service in countries within its footprint. With Broadband for Business, TIWS can now offer its internet access service at two different commercial levels, depending on the needs of the customers.

TIWS also has a dedicated internet access service that enables internet connectivity by using a combination of its own Tier 1 network capabilities and other carriers' networks. TWIS customers also have access to a range of bandwidth options, multiple resilience scenarios and additional features, such as full routing and IPv6, among others.