Telefónica rolls three international businesses into Telefónica Global Solutions

As part of its ongoing re-org efforts, Telefónica announces a new division for three of its global businesses under the name of Telefónica Global Solutions. (Pixabay)

As part of its ongoing re-org efforts, Telefónica announced a new unit for three of its global businesses under the name of Telefónica Global Solutions. Telefónica rolled its wholesale, roaming and multi-national business customers into Telefónica Global Solutions as part of the company's transformation plan that was announced last year.

Telefónica Global Solutions serves more than 1,500 customers in 170 countries by means of its 400 roaming agreements and partnerships. The three businesses are in the process of integrating their respective teams "to offer innovative and global solutions to Telefónica's customers."

Telefónica Global Solutions, which is part of Telefónica Group, has 110 points-of-presence that carry an average of more than 15 billion voice minutes while transmitting 130 petabytes of roaming data transmissions every year.

Telefónica Global Solutions conducts direct sales in the U.S. and offers services to multi-national companies in more than 20,000 facilities worldwide.

Telefónica has been laboring under a massive amount of debt that currently stands at about $44 billion after it trimmed $647 million in the first half of this year. According to a report by Macrotrends , Spain-based Telefónica is currently the sixth-largest telecoms operator in Europe after previously ranking as high as second.

Last year, Telefónica sold off two of its operations in Central America to América Móvil, which is owned by billionaire Carlos Slim, for $648 million. Telefónica is also in the process of selling two units in El Salvador to Claro, which is owned by América Móvil.

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As it moves beyond its traditional telecom roots as part of its transformation process, Telefónica struck up cloud and 5G edge-based partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft earlier this year. In addition to those areas, Telefónica tapped Microsoft to accelerate its own internal digital transformation and said it planned to use Google Cloud's services to boost its digital capabilities and internal digital transformation.