Telefonica twitters in Brazil

Twitter users recently played no small role in getting AT&T to improve its wireless coverage in Austin, Tex., for the South By Southwest music conference, and Verizon Communications has talked of creating a Twitter TV widget. Now, Telfonica in Brazil is showing how telcos might leverage Twitter in another way, as an advertising channel. The company has signed up a Brazilian TV celebrity who The Wall Street Journal describes as a "tropical version" of Jon Stewart to mention the telco in his tweets.

Considering that this particular celeb has a Twitter following of more than 18,000 people the advertising value of reaching what is probably a pretty focused demographic should be sizable. Of course, this also could generate backlash from telco haters and those who dislike the ongoing infiltration of advertising and branding into absolutely everything. Yet, the arrangement will be worth watching for service providers looking for new marketing avenues who have been unsure thus far where and how to spend ad money on social networking.

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- The Wall Street Journal has this report

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