Telehouse, Hibernia Atlantic take up network challenge after Hurricane Sandy disrupts communications

As providers struggled to keep data and voice communications running during and after Superstorm Sandy, carrier-neutral colocation provider Telehouse America and submarine cable provider Hibernia Atlantic began reaching out to service providers and their customers to offer network and data center support.

Telehouse America on Wednesday extended its colocation space in New York City to organizations that need to shift their servers to a different facility on a temporary basis.

"In this time of immediate service needs, Telehouse America is offering colocation space, telecom circuit cabling and IT Support services on a temporary basis (or limited basis) at all 3 of our New York City Data Center facilities, 25 Broadway, Chelsea at 85 10th Ave., and the Teleport in Staten Island," the provider said in a statement released Wednesday. "Please note that quarter, half and full cabinets are available on temporary one month or more basis over the next 60 days, in addition to long term commitments. Supplementary telecommunications services are available from all our carriers or ISPs located in TELEHOUSE sites."

The reason for the proffered space was simple. "Together with our service partners, we wish to assist as many organizations as possible to maintain their services by providing easily accessible, temporary, cost effective resources at this time," the provider said. Telehouse directed companies interested in taking advantage of the temporary colocation space to visit its website or call 718-355-2500.

Hibernia Atlantic is providing redundant services on its submarine cable network and associated network routes, which were not affected by the storm.

"Hibernia Atlantic's network has been operational throughout the duration of Hurricane Sandy, and we remain available to help assist others in this time of need," the provider said in a statement released Wednesday morning. "Our subsea cables' landing stations are located in Lynn, Mass., and Halifax, Nova Scotia, areas that fortunately were not as impacted by Sandy's reach."

"Hibernia has been able to assist a number of our customers and partners already that were impacted by the storm. For example, several routes on our partner's network went down, but we successfully rerouted traffic before the trading floor opened this morning. Our global Network Operating Centers (NOCs) remain on 'high alert', with our engineers well-staffed and monitoring all of our network Points of Presence (PoPs), particularly those in the New York City area most impacted by Sandy. These PoPs are currently operating on generators due to the power outage, but we are, and continue to be, up and running."

As of Thursday morning, most of the data centers in the lower Manhattan area reported to be operational. However, a post on Zayo Group's website indicated that its facility at 111 8th Ave. was experiencing a new set of difficulties.

"At this time, there are technical difficulties with the fuel pumping system to a subset of generators within the building, affecting the AC power supplied to Zayo's space on the 7th floor," wrote Edwin J. Pagan, director of the network control center. "While the networking equipment remains powered at this time, the reduced power generation has impacted the cooling systems in this area of the building and the rising temperatures present a risk to networking equipment owned by Zayo and colocated customers."

The situation does not impact customers in Suites 303 or 311A, Pagan said. Zayo will likely power down redundant networking equipment and cards to reduce the load and make cooling easier, but operating in "simplex condition… may impact IP routing performance."

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