TelePacific adds VoIP service to its Ethernet over Copper offering

TelePacific wants to illustrate how SMB customers can use Ethernet for more applications than just data, so it's offering its SIP-based SmartVoice service with its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) product.

Offered as a dynamically integrated solution with Internet access and/or MPLS, SmartVoice uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for call control and mobility features for one flat rate.

One of the key points TelePacific is driving with the SmartVoice/EoC combination is flexibility.

Customers can purchase SmartVoice with standard business lines, PRI, CAS or native SIP handoff and can select up to 120 call paths with integrated Internet access and/or MPLS IP-VPN services. Depending on how far away the customer is located from the nearest CO, TelePacific can offer SmartVoice over EoC speeds from 1-20 Mbps. If a customer opts for the Ethernet over TDM option, SmartVoice can scale up to 135 Mbps.

Adding new features to its growing EoC service comes as TelePacific continues to ramp up its EoC presence. By the end of Q1 2011, the service provider says its EoC service will be available in 120 EoC Local Service Offices (LSOs).

Integrating SmartVoice service over EoC could help TelePacific sell SMB customers on the idea that Ethernet can be used to enable a number of services besides basic Internet data access.

"Combining SmartVoice with Ethernet over Copper delivery is a natural fit," said Laurene Heinsohn, director of VoIP development for TelePacific Communications in a release. "It allows TelePacific to offer our customers yet another option for their voice and data services."

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