Tellabs attacks Ethernet market with new platform

Tellabs has long leveraged its background in traditional time division multiplexing and TDM-IP transition phases into strong relationships with carriers that wanted to keep one foot in the TDM world while investing in hybrid platforms. But, TDM's days are dwindling as IP technologies like Ethernet are embraced by carriers. So perhaps timing had much to do with this week's announcement by Tellabs that it is entering the market for dedicated Ethernet switch platforms.

The company's 7300 Metro Ethernet Switching series comes into a very competitive market for Ethernet products, though Tellabs has had plenty of experience enabling Ethernet applications such as backhaul by using pseudowire technology. The 7345 Ethernet Aggregation Switch aggregates traffic from up to 48 lines into 10 Gbpe Ethernet backhaul connections, according to Light Reading, and it also has been designed to support provider backbone bridging and related evolutionary technologies eventually .

Light Reading reports

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