Tellabs' Pullen talks TIA, Net neutrality

Rob Pullen, who became CEO of Tellabs earlier this year and is also chairman of the Telecommunications Industry Association, one of your co-hosts for NXTcomm next week in Las Vegas, will head a press conference at the show intended to outline how the TIA is leading the telecom industry in new directions. Will the TIA be leading members down a greener, more energy-efficient path? Stay tuned.

Pullen primed the industry for this address by chatting with Light Reading about it, though in the resulting story, LR highlights Pullen's position on Net neutrality--that the Internet should be lightly regulated and that service providers (the primary customers of Tellabs and most TIA members) should be able to offer tiered services or service level agreements for a price. It's a predictable position, but with tiered service experiments and metered Internet trials going on, this version of the future is looking more likely day by day.

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