Tellabs supplies optical muscle to Army's IMOD program

General Dynamics is shining a new light on the Army's Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) program as its employs the help of Tellabs Government Solutions optical transport network. General Dynamics, an IMOD prime contractor, will deploy its optical equipment between bases in Texas and New Mexico. The installation, which spans about 3,200 square miles, is one of the largest military installations in the U.S. As a reflection of the Army's Everything over IP (EoIP) mentality, the Army's IMOD program is focused on upgrading expanding telecom networks to improve voice and data services across its military bases.

As part of Army's Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP), General Dynamics will deploy Tellabs' 7100 Optical Transport System between the White Sands Missile Range and the Fort Bliss Range Complex. Tellabs has carved out a name for itself in the government market for both the 7100 optical system and GPON-based Fiber to the Desktop product sets through government systems integrators such as General Dynamics and carrier partners.

"Tellabs Government Systems forms strategic partnerships with system integrators to reduce the cost, complexity, space and power needs of telecom networks," Joe Shilgalis, vice president of Tellabs Government Systems, said in a release. "We will work closely with General Dynamics to lower the total cost of ownership for the inter-base transport network with the Tellabs 7100 system."

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