Telus changes its Usage Based Billing (UBB) tune

Telus (Toronto: T.TO), once heralded as more a liberal broadband provider, has changed its stance on Usage Based Billing (UBB) for its broadband DSL customers.

Although it has not set a specific date on when it will implement UBB, the service provider did confirm that it will start charging fees for those consumers that go over their data limits this year.

"It's going to be really customer friendly," he said in a CTV News article. "You'd be forgiven for the first month you go over. You'd get lots of warning, lots of notice that you were going over with options of moving to other plans."

Similar to how AT&T (NYSE: T), Bell Canada (NYSE: BCE) and Frontier (NYSE: FTR) dressed up their UBB plans, Telus maintains that since most consumers only use 15 gigabytes a month, few would be affected by the change because they offer a 75 gigabyte allowance for $35.

However, the issue for most consumers is they won't like the idea of being told how they can use their broadband connection and a fear that if they happen to download a few occasional movies or stream TV shows they'll be penalized.

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