Texas Senator delays Net Neutrality protest

Cable companies and wireless operators aren't the only ones that are opposed to the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules. Joining the fight is Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) who said she will wait to pursue plans to fight the agency's rules to provide unlimited usage of wireless and wireline-based broadband networks. Previously, Hutchison said she would leverage the fiscal 2010 Interior-Environment spending bill, which the Senate is in the midst of debating, to serve as a platform for an amendment to block the FCC from imposing its net neutrality rules on wireless and wireline service providers.

On Monday the FCC proposed new net neutrality rules that would prevent service providers from throttling down a user's access to specific services or speeds on broadband networks. A Republican aide on the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee said aides to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski advised Hutchison to not put her amendment through so the agency can address her issues. Still, Hutchison will pursue the amendment if she does not agree with the FCC's solution.

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