TIA backs AT&T's FCC proposal for TDM-to-IP trials

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) backing a proposal by AT&T (NYSE: T) to conduct trials around the TDM-to-IP transition and supporting filings from AT&T and the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NCTA) aimed at accelerating that transition.

The TIA's support for AT&T's plan is not surprising, given that the group is largely made up of vendors who would continue to benefit from the investment of AT&T and other carriers in new technologies. The Association's comments come almost three months after AT&T proposed the trials in an early November petition for rulemaking with the FCC.

AT&T has made appeals to the FCC in the past to help the carrier move away from the need to support legacy infrastructure. Though the current round of filings and comments is more aimed at ensuring a successful TDM-to-IP transition, the underlying theme is that at least AT&T probably would really like to speed up that transition.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski followed up AT&T's initial petition by forming a Technology Transitions Task Force last month to study the issues necessary for a successful TDM-to-IP transition, a move which was widely endorsed by the industry.

Comments on the petitions by AT&T and the NCTA were due this week, with replies expected by Feb. 25.

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