TIA, ITIC, other groups urge President-elect Trump to make technology infrastructure investments a priority

Donald Trump

Leaders from 17 technology and telecom trade groups have reached out to President-elect Donald Trump asking him to make technology infrastructure upgrades a priority as part of his proposed infrastructure spending plan.

Trump has pledged to spend $1 trillion on making upgrades in the country’s infrastructure, but technology and telecom industry leaders say that fiber investments should have the same priority as building new bridges and highways.

CEOs of Consumer Technology Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Entertainment Software Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association, said in the group letter that “as you advance investment in traditional infrastructure, we urge also investing in technology infrastructure.”

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"Such investments that enable new advances can be an avenue to prosperity and international competitiveness just as much as rebuilding roads and bridges will contribute enormously to our economy," the group said in its joint letter.

In addition to allocating more funds for network infrastructure, the group asked Trump to consider reforming the current tax codes and upgrading existing federal regulations.

“Through tax reform, for example, we can establish a tax code that motivates more investment and jobs here in America that also leads to more innovations for products that are sold around the world,” the group said. “Modernizing laws, regulations and rules regarding data, including international data transfers, will also help make critical strides toward this goal.”