TIM Brasil to offer its FTTX service under the 'Live' brand

TIM Brasil, Telecom Italia's Brazil telecom subsidiary, will market its Fiber to the Curb/Fiber to the Building (FTTC/FTTB) service under its new "Live" brand name.

Aiming to acquire 1 million subscribers by 2017, the service provider plans to launch its service in Q3 2012, adding that it believes it can "break even" by 2015.

After acquiring 5,500 km of fiber cabling in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro via its $998 million acquisition of Brazilian infrastructure provider AES Atimus in July 2011, it developed the TIM Fiber brand.

Set to go live in Q3, the service provider previously said that it would be able to deliver 100 Mbps speeds to residential customers over a FTTB connection.

Earlier this month, TIM Brasil revealed that it had connected 1,100 buildings out what it calls a total of 3,600 "authorizations" it has established in the two cities.

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