Tinet introduces new cloud-based Ethernet wholesale service

Tinet, now a Neutral Tandem subsidiary, has launched its EtherCloud offering, a Layer 2 wholesale platform that enables its network partners to buy and sell global Ethernet and VPLS connectivity.

As the first new product of the newly combined Tinet and Neutral Tandem, EtherCloud combines the Ethernet offerings from both service providers to serve both domestic U.S. and international needs.

Offered through a single External Network to Network Interconnection (E-NNI) agreement, EtherCloud enables wholesale carrier customers to purchase and Ethernet and VPLS connectivity to other members from Tinet's 120 global Points of Presence (PoP). 

The engine behind the EtherCloud service is the EtherCloud portal that allows customers to receive price quotes, check for available capacity, order services and monitor service performance.

Paolo Gambini, Chief Marketing Officer of Tinet, said the EtherCloud is designed "to simplify and streamline customers' off-net interconnections, to extend their network reach and to market their local Ethernet services to customers worldwide."

By using EtherCloud, customers will be able to send a single order, including the commercial terms and provisioning, to the entire order including PoP-to-PoP and tail circuit. What's more, the portal can serve as a worldwide channel that channels requests to members for local Ethernet connectivity.

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