Transbeam enters the SD-WAN race, offers businesses network monitoring capabilities


Competitive managed service provider Transbeam has jumped onto the SD-WAN bandwagon, allowing a mix of medium, single, or multisite businesses to manage and build their wide area networks.

Leveraging VeloCloud’s platform, Transbeam can offer any size business a set of features including optimized application performance, virtual service integration, and zero touch deployment.

Transbeam said its SD-WAN offering can provide instant service insertion coupled with highly flexible business policies enabling rapid customized enterprise solutions for enterprises with networks ranging from a few to thousands of locations.

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Reach is a key element of their offering. The CLEC’s service leverages its own nationwide core network, providing customized network designs to ensure reliable performance and manageability.

Transbeam is following the industry-wide trend of allowing users to leverage various wireline and wireless connections.

The link aggregation feature allows WAN circuit aggregation of any type of transport, providing faster response even for single application flows. Using a mix of broadband internet, 4G LTE, and MPLS circuits, Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization features application-aware per-packet steering and on-demand remediation for optimal performance in real time.

Other features include Application Steering and Failover. Application Steering is a tool for setting priorities and changing traffic flow based on company needs, while Failover provides protection against blackouts and brownouts with subsecond seamless failover.

Finally, the Firewall and Security feature offers a firewall delivering granular control of micro-applications, support for protocol-hopping applications, and other peer-to-peer applications.

While the SD-WAN space has become crowded, it’s one that competitive business-focused providers like Transbeam can’t pass up.

IDC, for one, has forecast that the SD-WAN technology and services market is set to reach $6 billion by 2020.


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