TTM builds bridge to Ethernet-based wireless backhaul

Wireless backhaul specialist Telecom Transport Management (TTM) is taking a 'be prepared' approach to meeting its wireless carrier's bandwidth needs for today's 3G and upcoming 4G wireless network rollouts.

This transition required TTM to deploy an optical platform that would be able to help its wireless operator customers' respective migrations from TDM to IP/Ethernet, and it found it in Tellabs' 7100 Optical Transport System. As a multiservice device, the 7100 can address both near-term wireless backhaul methods (SONET/SDH) and Ethernet in one platform.

While the wireless operators' movement to Ethernet-based backhaul will be an ongoing transition, a new Heavy Reading report forecasts that as wireless operators migrate their backhaul networks from TDM to Ethernet, 'the U.S. wholesale Ethernet market will grow by 40 percent per year through 2014.'

And thus far, TTM's wireless backhaul efforts have been paying off. Although it is working with other unnamed large wireless operators, one notable wireless provider that's working with TTM is Verizon Wireless. Outside of its brother ILEC Verizon Communications' fiber region, Verizon Wireless is leveraging TTM's hybrid fiber/microwave-based wireless backhaul infrastructure in its Minnesota market.    

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