TWC tests metered Internet, Comcast tests traffic management solution

Some things are just too good to last, and all-you-can-eat broadband might be one of them--at least if you are a customer of Time Warner Cable. The cable TV company is now testing metered Internet usage and billing in Beaumont, Texas, based on a strategy that it has been developing for the past few months. TWC is charging $1 per gigabyte, with a consumption cap that varies based on a customer's service package. Consumption caps also are being considered by other service providers, so the practice is not unheard of, and if TWC can get all the pieces into the right places, it could become more popular.

Meanwhile, Comcast is trying a different approach to manage Internet traffic on its network. The company is testing a new network management solution, believed to be the concept it was working on with BitTorrent.

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