UK ISP Demon reduces latency for gamers

While reducing network latency has become a major trend service providers are following in the financial community, UK-based Demon's new Demon Game Pro service recognizes that gaming traffic deserves a dedicated connection.

The new Demon Game Pro service will enhance a user's gaming experience by prioritizing gaming traffic and reducing network latency. For about $33 a month, eligible users can get an up to 20 Mbps/1Mbps connection, a free wireless router, 24x7 support and a free static IP address to maintain uptime and hosting game servers.

Of course, Demon Game Pro has its restrictions. Similar to U.S.-based broadband providers, Demon's new service requires a 12 month contract commitment and it's limited to a 100 GB monthly usage cap. Since the service is being provided over a DSL line, users that reside closer to the CO will obviously have the advantage over those users that are further away.

Interestingly, Demon wants to give gamers the same treatment they would give to their business customers. "What we're doing is putting gamers into a business grade network," Demon proposition manager Carl Warner said in a PC Pro article. "Looking at the usage of gamers, it's actually more akin to a small business."

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