UNH-IOL's new home networking initiative focuses on pre-testing CPE for TR-69, IPv6 compliance

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) is providing customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturers a common testing facility for both TR-069 and the IPv6 Forum's Ready Logo with their new Home Networking Consortium.

By working with the UNH-IOL lab, CPE manufacturers can potentially reduce their time to market for their products while ensuring that when their products are installed in their respective customer's home networks.

One of the possible advantages that the new consortium has is that the UNH-IOL can not only conduct all Broadband Forum TR-069 testing, but is also the only North American lab approved lab for IPv6 CPE Ready Logo testing from the IPv6 Forum.

Next week members of the Home Networking Consortium members can pre-test CPE for compliance with the Broadband Forum's TR-069 Conformance Test Suite, while CPE vendors that have not joined the group can test a single CPE devices using the UNH-IOL's pay per test option.

By conducting this pre-test with the consortium, they will be able to ensure that their gear will receive official certification from the Broadband Forum the first time they go through the Broadband Forum's TR-069 global certification program. 

No less important is IPv6 testing. While it will be many years until the Internet transitions completely to IPv6 addressing, participants can use the lab to ensure that their products have the IPv6 foundation that service providers will require for their broadband service roll outs.

"In the Home Networking Consortium, CPE vendors will tackle two transformative technologies for the connected home – TR-069 and IPv6 – while saving time and costs testing products for both technologies in the same consortium," said Erica Johnson, Director of the UNH-IOL, in a news release.

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