UNH-IOL to assist broadband providers, vendors during IPv6 World Day

While much of the IPv6 transition has mainly focused on what impact this week's IPv6 World Day test will have on businesses, the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) is going to assist broadband providers what impact the industry's test flight will have on consumers.  

IOL will work with both service providers and their CPE vendor partners to ensure uninterrupted service by verifying IPv6 readiness in home networking equipment.

To add another layer of readiness, the UNH-IOL will host IPv6 interoperability testing in advance of the 24-hour IPv6 event.

Although the Internet Society (ISOC), the event's host, does not anticipate any problems, they are quick to add that misconfigured or misbehaving network equipment, particularly home network gear (gateways), could hinder some consumers to access participating websites during the one-day trial.

Despite any potential issues, Timothy Winters, senior manager for the UNH-IOL, said that CPE vendors are making strides to ensure the process will be relatively seamless for their service provider and consumers. "Six months ago, CE routers were not compatible with IPv6, but since then the industry has made great progress," he said.

Prior to World IPv6 day, the UNH-IOL has already been driving a number of home networking initiatives around IPv6, including previously interoperability events with the cable industry.

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Video: Interview with Jason Walls, UNH Interoperability Lab

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