Updating the CenturyTel/Embarq org chart

As CenturyTel and Embarq merge, details are appearing about where key executives from both companies will (initially) land.

Former Embarq CEO Tom Gerke will be in charge of HR and regulatory & government relations, and he will serve as the merged company's executive vice chairman as well. Embarq CTO Dennis Huber will be the senior executive in charge of IT, network planning, engineering and product development. Embarq's president of wholesale markets Bill Cheek will take charge of the combined company's wholesale ops.

As previously announced, CenturyTel CEO Glen Post will lead the combined company. CenturyTel president and COO Karen Puckett will continue as COO, as will CFO Stewart Ewing. CenturyTel's general counsel and VP of strategic planning will continue their roles in the joint company as well.

Other positions and areas of responsibilities are being worked out, with further leadership and organization announcements expected to be made in February.

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