US Signal adds more network locations in Indiana and Ohio

US Signal is once again expanding its Midwest network footprint by adding a number of CO (central office) and data center locations in both Indiana and Ohio.

Having just recently wrapped up a network expansion in Illinois, US Signal said this latest effort is part of a broader company strategy to connect growing small and medium-size markets to larger cities. Last July, US Signal broadened its Ethernet service presence further in the Ohio market with the addition of 1,000 miles of long-haul fiber and began building into four existing data centers.

A key addition of this latest expansion is the addition of the Data Center BZ in Worthington, Ohio, a rising hub for connectivity in the state. In addition to Worthington, US Signal added Central Offices (CO) in Lima, Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, as well as Warsaw, Ind.

"Increasing network density in Ohio and Indiana is critical to addressing the increased demand for US Signal's state-of-the-art networking services," said Kirk Dombek, director of business development in a release announcing the new expansion move. "As US Signal adds network access points, more customers will have cost-effective, reliable access to next-generation data networking products and managed services."

While US Signal may not have the same brand recognition as the largest Ethernet providers such as AT&T or Verizon, the service provider's efforts to create on-ramps to major carrier hotel locations, incumbent telephone company central offices and other lit buildings will be an asset for businesses and smaller carriers that want to deal with a smaller service provider that's more likely to listen more closely to their needs.  

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