Utah telecom opts for ECI Telecom's XDM platform

Utah's South Central Communications has selected ECI Telecom's XDM All-Range ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer) and Converged Multi-Service Transport Platform (MSTP) solution for their fiber transport network for a rollout that will bump residential and business bandwidth capacity throughout Utah.

The XDM platform, a key element in ECI's 1Net NGN (next-generation network) product line up, helps SCC provide data-rich services to businesses as well as "triple-play" offerings, such as IPTV and high-speed Internet, to residential users. The platform also provides South Central with the ability to modify and scale its network, responding to local demand in real time.

ECI's XDM solution also allows SCC to join together its ROADM-based optics, Ethernet and SONET infrastructure into a single platform. South Central is using the XDM's integrated platform with Ethernet and SONET functionality in a 10-degree ROADM DWDM system, to support 40, 10-Gbps wavelengths over a 300-mile network.

"By leveraging the platform's integrated long-haul capabilities and multi-service functionality, we are able to significantly reduce our total network cost while increasing our service agility," said Jody Davis, South Central's network operations manager.

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