Varnish teams up with Intel for virtual CDN on VMware Telco Cloud

Varnish, Intel and VMware team up on a virtual content delivery network for VMware Telco Cloud. (Pixabay)

Varnish worked with Intel and VMware to build a new virtualized content delivery network (vCDN) offering for VMware Telco Cloud.

The joint solution is targeted at service providers who want to build their own CDNs in order to provide services and applications closer to the edge. With the advent 5G, online gaming and live media streaming, CDNs are able to deliver low latency services from the edge. Varnish said the vCDN solution offers more than 190 Gbps of network capacity on edge nodes.

The vCDN uses the Varnish’s Edge Cloud solution, which includes Varnish edge caching nodes, to offer  high throughput as well as TLS termination at high speeds.

Varnish also enables storage of more than 100 terabits at the edge, which puts large content libraries closer to the users. With the combination of Varnish Edge Cloud, VMware vSphere and NSX and second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, it can deliver ~200 Gbps of video content from a single server in a virtualized environment.

The vCDN also disaggregates the hardware from the software for economies of scale and better service agility. The solution optimizes hardware use by sharing hardware across different functions. It's also able to scale dynamically to handle increased demand.

“This jointly engineered solution delivers a scalable CDN with higher performance, superior quality, lower costs, and more importantly the agility and manageability required to grow and operate in a fast-paced competitive market," said Varnish Software CEO Lars Larsson, in a statement. "Operators need to continue meeting the high expectations of consumers as content services become an even larger and more important revenue stream for them. In order to do that they need to rethink their network architectures, moving storage and caching to the outermost edge of the network."

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In September, VMware announced its new 5G Telco Cloud Platform, which combined VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure, which was an evolution of the vCloud NFV solution, and VMware Telco Cloud Automation. VMware's Telco Automation Cloud is a "cloud down" approach to model, on-board, orchestrate and manage virtual network functions (VNFs), cloud-network functions (CNFs) and network services.