VDSL2 activity increases globally

What: VDSL2

Why you should care: VDSL2 is the most advanced DSL standard in use today, and supports data rate ups to around 4 Mb/s on long deployments up to 3 miles, and rates up to 50 Mb/s or even 100 Mb/s on short deployments. It performs better on longer loops than predecessor VDSL1, and asymmetric/symmetric flexibility allows it to support triple play services, including HDTV. VDSL2 was central to last week's acquisition of Centillium's DSL business by Ikanos Communications, and several trials and launches worldwide have just begun or are imminent.

Who's using it: AT&T is the most high-profile VDSL2 user, and has demonstrated with its successful U-Verse service how VDSL2 provides support for HDTV. Sasktel in Canada also has deployed VDSL2, but most of the VDSL2 action has occurred with many earlier and imminent deployments in Asia and Europe, in many cases over shorter distances. Several vendors provide the technology, and Alcatel-Lucent is AT&T's primary supplier. Also, Ikanos just won a supply deal from Japan's Softbank.

For more:
- see this press release from Ikanos