Veebeam raises $6 million more in funding round; FTTH may need a killer app

> Online video streaming provider Veebeam has raised $6 million in the first part of its two-part funding round, the New York Times reports, on top of the $22 million it's already raised. The startup's signature product streams content from a user's computer to their HDTV via wireless USB, competing directly with Netgear (Nasdaq: NTGR) and indirectly with OTT entrants Apple TV, Roku Box, and Google TV. Story.

> Verizon (NYSE: VZ) continues to roll out alternative-energy service vehicles, this time in Westchester, N.Y. where 25 hybrid pickups and five CNG (compressed natural gas) vans will be in service by the end of the year. News release.

> Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is investing in the Atlantic Wind Connection, a $5 billion project that will connect offshore wind turbines from New Jersey to Virginia. The Internet search engine behemoth is taking a 37.5 percent equity stake in the initial phase of the project. Story.

> What are the top four video content sites, ranked by unique viewers? Google Sites sits at number one, followed by Yahoo! Sites, Facebook, and Microsoft Sites, in that order. News release.

> Does FTTH need a "killer app" to justify its existence? Tim Poulus explores the question over at TelecomPaper. Story.

And finally... the Lower Merion School District near Philadelphia will pay a $610,000 settlement to two students (and their lawyer, who naturally gets the bulk of the money) that were spied on inside their homes by the district via the webcams in their school-issued laptops. Story.