Verizon adds wireless data backup to its SMB service portfolio

If you're an SMB that wants to back up your existing T1 line for Internet access, Verizon says you don't have to buy another T1, but rather use its existing wireless network via its Internet Dedicated Access (IDA) with Mobile Broadband service.

In the event of a network failure, the Verizon Internet Dedicated Access with Mobile Broadband service will automatically route business traffic to the Verizon Wireless 3G EVDO broadband wireless network.

Since most SMBs lack the requisite knowledge or staff to perform network installation, Verizon's new integrated wireless/wireline solution will not only give SMBs network diversity, but also provide managed installation of the network equipment. Verizon will install two linked ADTRAN NetVanta 3200 routers--one that's connected to the wireline-based T1 source and another with a 3G wireless Network Interface Module to access the wireless network. Both the IDA circuit and Internet traffic are continually monitored so the wireless link is only used when needed.  

While Verizon does have a number of wireline backup options for SMBs, including DSL, dialup or just more T1 lines--a proposition that could cost up to $475 a month--the wireless backup solution is available in two usage tiers: a 1GB/month cap for $59.99 or a 5GB/month cap for $99.99.

"As there's an increasing reliance and increasing revenue stream from a dedicated Internet connection, customers have been asking us for backup solutions if their Internet connection goes down," said Patrick Sullivan, Director of SMB marketing for Verizon. "We do have some backup solutions such as our FiOS, DSL offering and even dialup, but what our customers are really asking for is something that's not tethered to a landline. If there is a big storm and multiple lines are down, they still need the Internet to conduct their business so they would like a wireless solution."

Although Verizon has just introduced the new service this week, it revealed that retail, healthcare and financial services--three segments that increasingly rely on the Internet for their business--have all cited interest in this new backup solution.

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