Verizon and PA PUC work out customer service settlement

On Thursday the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission proposed a settlement with Verizon Pennsylvania to improve Verizon's customer service in the state. An investigation by the PUC revealed the company couldn't meet state standards for customer care.

The PUC found that over two years Verizon PA couldn't meet the PUC standard of answering 85 percent of the calls to its business offices or call centers within 20 seconds. The agency also logged over 1,700 infractions of regulations and policies by Verizon in 2006 and 2007.

Under the proposed settlement, Verizon would be required to have no more than 432 infractions per year, report the percentage of calls it answers within 30 seconds, the average rate at which calls are abandoned, and the average rate at which callers receive a busy signal or message that Verizon's line are at capacity. Verizon would have to put $500,000 into an account for targeted infrastructure projects to improve customer service.

Details of the proposed settlement can be found at

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