Verizon, AT&T telco TV war increasingly likely

Verizon Communications is extending its FiOS network into Dallas area markets already served by AT&T's U-verse network, according to a post at OneTrak. The post is from earlier this week and it actually has been almost a month since Verizon filed an amendment to its existing video franchise application that would allow it to extend FiOS into the current AT&T markets of Frisco and Allen, Texas, in addition to operation rights in Plano, Texas, that it already had applied for.

This sort of telco-on-telco overbuilding may not be so common yet, but get used to it, as Verizon and AT&T continue to expand their respective broadband/TV networks and continue to apply for broader video franchises. Both have had solid success against cable TV companies thus far, but they can't stop there.

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