Verizon bringing FiOS TV to Philly

The challenger, Verizon Communications, is coming to the City of Brotherly Love, against the home-town cable giant, Comcast.  Lets get ready to rumblllllllllle!

More seriously, Verizon has negotiated a 15-year cable franchise deal with the city of Philadelphia. The bill has to go through hearings and City Council approval before moving forward.

Verizon says it could offer city residents FiOS TV service within a few years of getting a video franchise and expects to offer FiOS to about one-third of Philly residents within three years of government approval. Initial service areas include parts of West, North and South Philadelphia, Germantown and the Greater Northeast.

Comcast is not fazed by the potential for competition and will likely get the benefits of the ads on Comcast SportNet channel regardless of who carries it - FiOS TV already carries the channel.

Verizon has gotten some grief since it's launched FiOS mostly in wealthier towns and neighborhoods. The franchise agreement will provide up to 15 public access channels complete with financial support, franchise fees of around 5 percent of gross revenues, and four service centers.

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- Philadelphia Inquirer reports that FiOS is coming to town. Article.

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