Verizon Business debuts Contact Center Hub for SMBs

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Verizon Business announces its Contact Center Hub to help SMBs connect with their customers though its cloud-based solution. (Getty Images)

With SMBs struggling due the Covid-19 crisis, Verizon Business is offering SMBs a way to stay connected to their customers through its Contact Center Hub.

Verizon's cloud-based Contact Center Hub was designed for SMBs that have three to 1,000 employees. It enables small businesses to deliver customer services 24/7 while quickly addressing customers' needs. It also includes a mobile app in order to help customers reach out to the contact center anytime.

“In a world where businesses are often mobile-first and virtual, it's essential to have a solution that is easy to set up and that enables work from anywhere," said Verizon Business' Alex Doyle, executive director, product management at Verizon Business, in a statement. "With Contact Center Hub, Verizon makes it easy for small businesses to provide paramount customer support experiences to their customers.”

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The Contact Center Hub can be customized to suit businesses’ needs and can be configured for stationary agents or for a mobile workforce. It provides multichannel support for voice and SMS text messaging, with plug-ins to over 60 leading CRMs and help desk applications, according to Verizon Business.

Contact Center Hub enables customer service organizations to build interactive voice response menus and smart routing rules to direct callers to the right agent. Agents can also collaborate on calls through a shared inbox, apply tags or comments, and assign follow-ups to specific teammates.

"Contact Center Hub from Verizon Business, with its straightforward set-up and deployment, is compelling," said Omdia's Ken Landoline, principal analyst for customer engagement, in a statement. "It presents a cost-conscious, flexible, low-risk solution for businesses needing to improve the customer experience. And end-customers can connect back to SMBs through easy, common channels. For SMBs, needing to upgrade their contact-center solution or looking to move from prem to the cloud, Contact Center Hub deserves consideration.”