Verizon Business expands virtualization offerings

Several months after moving into the enterprise server virtualization market as an authorized consultant for VMWare solutions, Verizon Business appears to be expanding its professional services offerings and positioning itself as a manager of virtualized servers. The company said in a press release that its new Virtualization Consulting and Management offering includes services such as server consolidation assessment, design of new consolidated server environments, security assessments, virtualization design and construction, migration of customer applications and a deployment review.

The VMWare authorization achieved last year seems now to have been an initial move into server virtualization to provide Verizon with some chops, as Cisco Systems and others increasingly have been pursuing this market. It is unclear thus far how the recession has impacted a sector like server virtualization. The move can save a corporate enterprise money, so it might drive more companies toward the solution, but of course, even cost savings has its price.

For more:
- Here's the Verizon Business press release
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