Verizon Business tackles enterprise CPE challenges

Verizon Business is launching what it calls a Global CPE Service, an offering that aims to ease the liability and challenges that enterprise and government customers encounter with owning and maintaining their own premises equipment at international offices. The challenges of bring gear into various countries can vary greatly from one country to the next, the service provider indicated.

Verizon already is working with numerous technology partners to fulfill the program, including Avaya, Cisco Systems, Fluke Networks, Juniper Networks and Tandberg, with several more set to come on board this year. The program looks to be another way in which enterprises can outsource more IT capabilities and responsibilities to service providers, who might be better equipped to handle all of the logistics involved, and better positioned to get better prices on CPE.

For Verizon, it looks to be another way to gain more revenue from the enterprise channel and form stronger bonds with those customers. Such efforts are beginning to cross the lines between the service provider network and what traditionally have been customer responsibilities.

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