Verizon, Deloitte jointly deliver cybersecurity services to businesses

With cyber threats to business' networks on the rise, Verizon Enterprise Solutions (NYSE: VZ) and Deloitte have developed an alliance to deliver a set of security and risk management services they say will help businesses not only prepare, but also respond and recover from cyberattacks.

This alliance will leverage the strengths of both companies.

Verizon will provide its suite of global computer forensics, incident response and investigation services, while Deloitte will bring cyber risk advisory services designed to fortify businesses in all the areas of governance, strategy, business operations, risk and compliance, and remediation capabilities to business customers.

"We understand that companies need to have the mindset that being breached is a matter of when, not if," said Mike Denning, vice president, global security for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, in a release. "With our combined capabilities, we are preparing enterprises to better withstand a cyberattack before and beyond the breach."

Just how damaging can a cyberattack be for a business? Verizon revealed in its "Data Breach Investigations Report" series that the time it takes a hacker to compromise a corporate network "usually takes days or less, while the time to detect a breach is often much longer."

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