Verizon extends network to the content delivery community

With content owners and aggregators sending over half a terabyte of data per second flowing directly on its network, Verizon believes it can make this market segment run more smoothly.

Traditionally, content delivery owners and aggregators had to create multiple peering arrangements with multiple networks. A major flaw of this method was that it caused latency and quality issues for the end-customer.   

Instead of having to peer with multiple networks, Verizon's Partner Port Program provides a direct link between their respective content servers and Verizon's global IP network. By having direct link to the network, content owners can speed up the delivery of services.

"Facilitating great performance of Internet services makes Verizon a key component of growth and performance in the Internet industry," said Ihab Tarazi, vice president of global network planning for Verizon in a release. "To facilitate this growing appetite for content, we have invested in an Internet superhighway infrastructure that recognizes content providers' needs, including 10 gigabit Ethernet on-ramps for customer access, with enhanced capabilities enabled by IPv6 throughout the network."  

Not surprisingly, the growing presence of content owners on its network is one of many drivers that are leading Verizon to expand its network architecture with plans to deploy a 100 GigE backbone later this year. While the service has been primarily U.S.-centric, Verizon plans to add similar capabilities to its European and Asian-based IP-based networks.

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