Verizon eyes long-haul optical overhaul

Light Reading, reporting out of OFC/NFOEC in San Diego, has a story on Verizon Communications' request to optical technology firms to create a new long-haul network element similar to metro packet-optical gear. The telco, never one to appear lax in thinking about the future of its transport network--it's been aggressive with 100 Gbps technology in the early going--has its sights set on potential deployment two to three years from now, LR says.

The carrier reportedly has seen enough bandwidth demand from its FiOS broadband offerings that it is feeling the surge not only at the metro level, but in its long-haul systems. But, Verizon's urgings to vendors to develop new boxes may not exactly come with an advance check to cover the effort. Will the carrier's long-range visions for a long-haul overhaul be enough for vendors to invest their own time and money in such developments?

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- Light Reading has this story

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