Verizon: FiOS gets 1 mil. subs, net income up

Verizon Communications announced in its fourth-quarter earnings report that it ended the quarter with about 943,000 FiOS customers, but has in the last month crossed the 1 million mark. The company signed up 226,000 FiOS subscribers during the fourth quarter. With the FiOS network now reaching more than 9 million homes, there is plenty of work yet to be done, but as Light Reading notes, the telco now has more FiOS customers than it does DirecTV customers, which is a worthy measurement of telco TV success.

Meanwhile, Verizon saw a slight increase in net income to $1.07 billion during the fourth quarter of 2007, compared to about $1.03 billion in the final quarter of 2006. That translates to 37 cents earnings per share for Q4 2007, compared to 35 cents EPS for Q4 2006. In addition to the FiOS growth, ongoing wireless growth predictably was a leading source of strength.

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